Beads, Beads and more Beads!
At The Frog, you'll discover an amazing selection of beads. We couldn't possibly list everything, but here's a brief overview of some of types of beads we carry.

Lampwork Beads
Be sure to come in a see our selection of hand-made
lampwork beads. We feature unique and beautiful torch-fired
creations from local and global artisans.
We stock so many gemstones that we devoted a whole web section to them! Amber, Garnets, Citrine, Labradorite, Tourmaline, Onyx, Turquoise, Jasper and Carnelians are just a few of the stones you'll see at the Frog.
We are fully-stocked with glass beads. We sell glass beads in every color, size and shape imaginable. We also carry Czech glass at fantastic prices!
Crystals & Quartz
We have crystals in many sizes and shapes. A full selection of Swarovski is always on-hand. These shiny items will definitely catch your eye and the eyes of others when you wear them!
Natural Materials
Our beautiful pearls, shells, coral, and natural bone pieces can be strung by themselves, worn as focal beads, dropped off chains as pendants, or fashioned into your own unique "natural wonder". We also carry a large selection of Abalone and Mother of Pearl.
Polished & Tumbled Materials
More natural beauty can be found in our line of treated or weathered materials such as polished Agate and Jasper, tumbled Turquoise, Ancient Roman Glass and more. These unique pieces lend old world style to any design.
Acrylic beads are not just for kids stuff! We have some amazing synthetic beads in an array of colors and interesting shapes to add a unique quality to your beading endeavors.
We carry a lovely selection of wood beads in various colors and sizes. Some of the colors include blonde wood, dark brown, light browns, and there are many wooden beads that have been stained, painted or carved.
We have some of the most amazing cabochons that you will find anywhere. Unique, funky and fabulous. We can help you transform these into dazzling pendants.



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