It is with great sadness that I must announce, after more than 12 years on Main Street, The Beaded Frog has closed our retail location. Greenville is growing very rapidly, which I see as both exciting and positive, but as a result of this growth and popularity, many of the rents have been rising. Our rent, would have more than doubled at the end of our lease. The new rent structure exceeds what a bead store should pay, but is in line with the current expectations of landlords on Main Street.

I wish I had a video to insert here with the soundtrack of "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES". The video would show so many wonderful times. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I feel for having had the opportunity to meet all of you. The support, the friendship, the fun and creativity, have far exceeded anything I imagined, when I opened here in 2003.

The memories that were created over the years at "The Frog" continue as I recall the "best friends" who would meet up in Greenville and come by to create a keepsake memory through jewelry, the mothers and daughters, the fathers who brought daughters and even many sons, the grandparents out making memories with their grandchildren, many of whom have continued to come in and bead over the years. Some have now come back to make their bridal jewelry. Some have even brought back children of their own. The years have passed quickly.

I'm overwhelmed by how much joy all of you have brought to me, and all of the others who have "worked" here over the years. I can only hope we've made it as much fun and satisfying for you.

To all of you who would come in to talk, sometimes over beading projects, sometimes over lunch; who came to visit the dogs who have been with us over the years, Bubba, DeeOGee, Tahlia and Tipsy; who purchased special gifts, brought us special gifts, had annual traditions with us, who always brought in out of town friends and family; those of you who've allowed us to repair and redesign your jewelry, both for fun and family heirlooms; who've laughed with us, shared with us and even cried with us, thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for all of these years. My gratitude is overflowing.

I was also enriched by the opportunities to give back in our community through Summer programs at Camp Courage, the Diabetes camp, working with Girl Scouts and making donations throughout the community. That was an unexpected gift.

Although our retail location has closed, I will be ramping up a new website at www.beadedfrog.com with e-commerce features so that I may continue to assist you with purchases, repairs and perhaps in the future, a class or two.

I wish us all a heart of compassion, kindness, gentleness, patience and love, as we continue on our journeys. Let us all be a part of building unity in the world.

Thanks again, for the memories. In love and gratitude,





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